Dufferin Bedding Material has been serving the Horse Farms of Ontario and beyond for the past 5 years with a unique and cost effective Horse Bedding Material, and a superior Stall Cleaner.

Our Flax Straw Bedding is 100% natural, “dust free”, 3 times more absorbent than Wood Shavings, and composts in just 6 months.

The Flax Straw Bedding compost can be field applied without any loss of nitrogen to the soil, as occurs from field application of any wood-based compost.

Being dust free, our Flax Straw Bedding provides a huge benefit to people and horses who have allergies to wood shavings dust.

DBM’s Stall Cleaner will provide up to 70% savings in bedding and labor costs and the unit carries a lifetime warrantee.

Our Stall Cleaner separates the Waste Bedding placed on the vibrating screen allowing the unsoiled bedding to drop through aerated and dry.

The saved unsoiled bedding is now ideal for reuse providing savings of up to 70% of the bedding you would normally throw out from manual stall cleaning.

Only the Poop ends up in the Muck Bucket!



Watch this 2-1/2 minute demonstration video.